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Old roof with hail damage, chalk circles mark the damage. Shallow depth of field.jpg

Custom Catastrophe Map
Access Property Owners

When catastrophes strike, many evacuate.

Door knockers will miss opportunities.

Contractors in the field spend resources daily.

Make the best use of your resources by leveraging the power of CAT MAP.

This interactive map comes pre-loaded with property owners in impacted areas.

Louisiana, Florida, North East, etc...

Do I qualify for a new roof?

Your property was in the path of a severe hail storm on May 18, 2021. 1.5" or greater.

We use our data to get claims

As techy-public-adjusters we knew reaching property owners quicker than door-knockers was critical. In just one week we hit our claim capacity and feel we should share our tech with those that need it.

Residential & Commercial

Know before you go.

Being armed with property owner contact data helps you plan and close deals faster.

Interactive Map

A visual representation of the impacted areas along with the data on each property will help give you an idea of which properties to go after.

Estimate Writing

Need extra man-power to write estimates? You can use Smart Claims Public Adjusting to write your estimates without us getting involved in the claim. Contact us


Get access to CAT MAP and reach the market areas impacted by severe weather.

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$500 gets you started with one impacted market.​

As an example, the greater Houma, LA area has over 15,000 properties with confirmed impact. You will receive access to an interactive map pre-loaded with properties and their owner's contact info.


$800 gets you all of the available markets.​

Immediate access to multiple markets. You will receive access to an interactive map pre-loaded with properties and their owner's contact info. Scale your business quickly.




Commercial & multifamily property owner data requires piercing the corporate vail to get to the personal contact information. We will deliver every available commercial-designated property in each market you request.

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