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Delivering weather impacted commercial & residential property owners.

We find them before your competition does
Fastest growing platform in the claims & construction industry.
And we are just getting started!
Our Story

When you combine data scientists and marketing experts, you get a forensics team that can track and deliver the digital footprint of your customer.

Why Smart Collar?

No, it's not a collar for your pets...

With data science we are creating ONE workforce. Blue collar and white collar workers leveraging the same tech.

Smart Collar

Our Vision

To serve public adjusters, roofers, attorneys/lawyers, and real estate investors, by delivering your customer upfront, you can be more efficient with your time, money, and operations. We want to help you drive efficiency and sales.


Anyone can deliver lists. We target at the individual level, resulting in a prospect that has been selected using multiple dimensions of data that is not found in paid media technology.

Who are we

How it works

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Pick criteria

Public Adjusters, roofers, attorneys, and real estate investors are able to find their customers quickly. Leading with data and a having better understanding of your customer provides strategic direction for existing marketing and sales campaigns. Making them more efficient.

Integrate with your data sources

The data on your future customer can be maximized in many ways.

  • Use it to support boots-on-the-ground

  • Smarter direct mail initiatives

  • Use the data in your facebook campaign

  • Use the data in Google Adwords

  • Outbound call ONLY those who meet your criteria 

How it works
Bar Chart

Increase contact rate

& sales numbers

Fatten up the sales qualified pipeline

Reduce operating &

marketing expenses

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Request demo

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2001 Timberloch pl #500

Spring, TX 77380

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