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You provide the best training.

Now, support students with the best support while you generate more revenue.

Our Smart Revenue Program provides you with a new revenue source without the added effort.





By partnering with us, you can increase your revenue while increasing your school's offerings and value.

Your students get access to software that provides weather impacted properties and accurate contact info.

You get referral fees and renewal fees for the life of the software subscriptions.

New public adjusters find it difficult to hit the ground running once they get their license.


Your public adjuster school will offer more value by providing data that drives sales & marketing efforts for public adjusters, immediately.


Launch your students into the workforce with powerful software that will quickly get them on the road to success.

We will provide you with the assets necessary to communicate this value.

Email support, landing page support, and customer service will be managed by us. No need to add to your plate.

Your Revenue Adds Up

Subscribers can be new or seasoned public adjusters. Through your school they would pay an exclusive student subscription fee, $99/month. Your revenue for each subscriber is 20% and for each renewal also another 20% for the life of the subscribers. An effortless way to add revenue.

PA-school-sub1 NEW.png
PA-school-sub2 NEW.png
PA-school-sub3 NEW.png

Increase your positive reputation and your revenue 

Give your students a competitive edge by providing them access to a platform that has the most accurate contact data for commercial and residential properties.

Increase your value offering to students.

Grow a new line of revenue for your company.

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